This Aussie drama is set in the rural heartland of New South Wales immediately after WWII and follows the compelling story of Sarah Adams (Marta Dusseldorp), upon her return home after living overseas for twenty years. Although she was brought up in a strict Catholic environment, she had given up her life in Australia to live with her husband in paris and adopt his Jewish faith. However, believing that he was killed in the war, she sets sail for Australia where she encounters the Bligh family on board the ship and ends up working at a hospital close to where the Bligh family live. Elizabeth Bligh (Noni Hazlehurst), the stubborn and strong-willed matriarch, is at first ambivalent about Sarah but eventually changes her mind as the series progresses. It seems like Sarah's future will be entwined with the Bligh family.


Titre original
A Place to Call Home
55 min
Marta Dusseldorp
Noni Hazlehurst
Brett Climo
Craig Hall
David Berry
Abby Earl
Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood
Sara Wiseman
Tim Draxl
Deborah Kennedy
Dominic Allburn
Frankie J. Holden
Robert Coleby
Heather Mitchell
Maya Stange
Nicholas Bell
David Whitney
Laura Brogan Browne
Beth Champion
Bronte Pearce
Milly Alcock
Xavier Druery
Joel Spreadborough
Angela Blake
Jacqueline Marriott
Amanda Brotchie
Katherine Thomson